Eclipse Safari Package

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Arrival to Entebbe Airport, Meet , Great transfer to kampala to pope
Paul hotel . Meal plan BB


7.30 am , after breakfast you will be drivee out of kampala to masindi
for a short break then proceed to budongo forest for 2.00 pm chimp
trekking, birding and viewing many primates and tree species with
several butter flies. Evening game drive through the top of the falls
of river nile. Night at paara safari lodge or nsambiya river lodge.
Meal plan FB

Early game drive , on the southern sector at the delta of murchision
falls look at several wildlife species girafffe , elephants , lions
hartbeast etc , return to your hotel to relax as you take your lunch,
After noon take a boat ride for 3 hours on the murchision falls on
river nile   several  game and birds seen not missing hipppos ,
crocodiles and shoe bill stork
Evening at your hotel for dinner and over nite .


After breakfast you are driven on a game drive to packwach point as
detailed bellow
Then evening game drive back to ur hotel at paaara


From 13:00 To 15:49EC

On November 3, 2013, a total hybrid solar eclipse will be visible
across Ethiopia, Kenya Uganda, and Democratic republic of Congo. This
eclipse will be annular only for a few kilometers at its start with
duration of less than 1 second. For the remainder it will be a very
narrow and short-lasting total eclipse, with maximum duration around
1½ minutes and with a maximum path width of only 58 km. So this
eclipse is unusual as its starts annular and ends total, never
reverting to annularity. With a   75 percent of possible sunshine,
strong confirmation of a pronounced decline in cloudiness toward the
eastern end of the eclipse track, though the value is so high as to
invite a little suspicion which results to a very high resolution
which makes it the best point to be during this time of event.
The special nature of this eclipse is that along the areas where the
annular eclipse is visible mountains along the lunar profile will
create a broken ring. The same will apply along the areas where
totality is expected but in reverse, lunar valleys along the profile
might let bright sections of the chromospheres and photosphere through
creating a multiple diamond ring effect.
uganda will be an exciting part of astrological history because the
country lies on the path of a hybrid solar Eclipse.
A total eclipse occurs when the dark silhouette of the moon completely
obsecures the intensely bright of the sun ,allowing the much fainter
solar corona to be visible.
According to< NASA > United States National Aeronautics and Space
Administration, 3 November around 13.00 hrs , during the maximum phase
of  a total eclipse , the sun,s disk will be completely blocked.
The sun,s faint corona is then seen by an human eye.During any one
eclipse,totality occurs at best in a narrow track on the surface of
the earth , uganda having best among others the best sight around
Lake Albert at Packwach in nebbi district in west nile near Murchision
fall national park, Gulu town , Soroti town ,kotido town in karamoja
3 november eclipse is even more unique because the central path begins
annular and ends total .

Talk of the day at paara lodge for a wonderful scenary of your life
while at packwach looking at eclipse.

After breakfast , drive along the albertinine rift valley to butiaba
former port now a fishing Village on lake albert .
Drive through the rift valley to bisso to  bunyoro kingdom to hoima
for lunch then After noon driven back to kampala for over nite at pope
hotel.  Meal plan DBB


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