Source of the Nile River:

Friday, 28 August 2009 08:45
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source of the nileRiver Nile starts it's long north-ward African journey in Uganda right in the industrial town of Jinja. It is the longest river in Africa. River Nile is commonly known as the "Source of Life" because it provides some of the basic necessity for both humans and animals which obviously include water, electricity, etc. A crocodile on the banks of River Nile

The crocodiles are a common sight along the banks of the Nile River. Other animals and birds are in abundance on the banks or in their habitats along the river. The source of the Nile, situated about 75 km from Kampala is a major tourist attraction and will offer you a great touring experience.

Along the River Nile there are numerous rapids and falls including Bujagali falls. Fun activities on River Nile include fishing, rafting and motor boating.

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