Historic and Cultural attractions/sites

Friday, 28 August 2009 08:45
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kasubiThe include the Kasubi Tombs where the kings of the former Kingdom of Buganda are buried. The Kasubi Tombs are located only 7 km from the Ugandan capital of Kampala. Here you will meet the cultural guards who are can only be relatives of the former kings. Inside the palace you will get a chance to see some of the belongings of the former kings, who are locally know as "Kabaka" (singular).

There are many cultures in Uganda each with it's customsA Karimajong woman in traditional dress (dress, language, dances, beliefs,traditions and other behavioral patterns). Visiting these people will teach you a thing or two about them and you will surely find it fascinating just as much as they find your culture fascinating to them.

Along with their cultures are the cultural treasures including beautiful local painting and hand-crafts. These items are very inexpensive and readily available in the local crafts shops in the city or at trade shows. Ugandans are very hospitable and friendly people; they like to entertain. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with local shows and plays which are available in the local theaters or at organized events. Please let Nile Safaris know in advance, we will be thrilled to make the arrangements for you and/or your group.

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